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Outings and entertainment are organised by our Activities Co-ordinators – Wendy, Nicola, Lucy, Sarah H and Haulwen and include visits to theatres, day trips to tourist attractions such as coasts and parks, shopping, pub and concert trips and occur on both a group and individual basis.

Events held at Ysguborwen are greatly varied and include cabarets, tea dances, special occasion parties and themed meal days.

Bingo sessions, craft workshops, karaoke sing-a-longs and board game competitions are a regular feature along with visiting library service and our regular mobility sessions. Events held at Ysguborwen are free of charge to the residents and their visitors.

To ensure your visitors can reach you we provide free twice weekly local visitors transport system if needed.

The costs for these activities are met by the management and the residents fund (monies collected from various donations and fund raising activities) with sometimes a minimal charge towards outside activities (which is always made clear before the event). Our Residents Committee plays an active part in deciding how their funds are spent.